Automotive Recyclers Association of New York

The Automotive Recyclers Association of New York works to further the used automotive parts recycling industry and its beneficial effects on society by supplementing and supporting individual firms and affiliated associations.  We provide services and programs for the state and national scope.

ARANY is comprised of individuals, firms, partnerships or corporations licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and local government.  We are primarily engaged in the business of automobile and truck dismantling and recycling of used auto parts within the boundaries of New York State.  Our associate members are engaged in allied businesses, engaged in licensed dismantling in another state, supply goods and services to a member of ARANY and are all supportive of the aims and goals of ARANY!

Our Board of Directors take great pride in the prosperity, business and concerns of all ARANY members! 

Our Membership Year Began August 1st!

To take part in the 2020–2021 Membership Year activities, we encourage you to join our membership today! In addition to the live events and networking opportunities, ARANY also provides its members with benefits such as The Bottom Line, our newsletter, and important updates on the industry.

By joining ARANY, you are adding strength to our association and giving us a greater voice in protecting our industry — our livelihood. Through your active membership, you are giving back to the industry! 

If you have any questions about ARANY and all it offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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 ARNE 2021 Convention

Join us for the 3rd ARNE Convention & Trade Show on September 23-25, 2021 to participate in this premier IN PERSON event.  This event brings together the PRP-NE Partners, ARANY Members, and yards throughout the Northeast and Canada.

What is ARNE? An opportunity to unite the Northeast Region for one major trade show for the Automotive Recycling industry. The 2021 ARNE marks the 3rd ARNE event and the 2nd in conjunction with PRP-NE, when we offer this opportunity to provide greater support and engagement for companies and offer a diversified platform for networking and securing business we see increased attendance and increased variety in our company support.

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