Legislative Update September 2022

ARANY leadership and staff tracked several issues in 2022, including OEM repair procedure legislation, right to repair, catalytic converter theft, motor vehicle repair disclosures, and airbags.  The association continues to advocate to automotive recyclers’ ability to sell nondeployed OEM recycled airbags and urges support for Assembly Bill 7423, which would give recyclers the ability to sell those parts.

The Association tracked several pieces of catalytic converter legislation, ranging from specific on recordkeeping, restrictions on sale, business transactions, and theft.  The legislature quickly passed NY S 9428/A 1940 pertaining to ownership records for catalytic converters and ARANY strongly urged the Governor to veto the legislation due to possible unintended consequences for automotive recyclers.  ARANY maintains that vehicle owners be permitted to purchase EPA compliant used OEM catalytic converters.