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Most people tend to take transportation for granted. But for some of our veterans, everyday activities such as going to work, taking kids to school, grocery shopping and medical visits are a challenge.

Many have faced illness, injuries or unforeseen events that unexpectedly change lives and without transportation, makes it difficult to get back on the road to stability.

You can help provide life-changing opportunities for veterans in need in your community by participating in the ARANY Autos4Vets program.

We want to make sure that the veteran gets a road worthy and reliable vehicle. Any money not used for repairing the vehicle will be given to the veteran to cover insurance, gas, and maintenance.

The vehicle will be awarded to the veteran at the ARNE Auto Recyclers Northeast Education and Exposition Event. Donations can also be made during registration for the ARNE event.

Contact ARANY to contribute at or call Sandy Blalock at 505-228-0401.

Donations can be mailed to ARANY
9113 Church St, Suite 200, Manassas, VA 20110

How You Can Participate

Auto Recycling Facility Partner – Donate money and/or parts needed to repair the vehicle

Collision Industry Partner – Donate money and/or labor needed to repair the vehicle

Shop Partner – Donate money and/or services needed to repair the vehicle

Patron – Community member supporting the industry and our mission to provide a vehicle to a veteran in need

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