Help Your Fellow Auto Recyclers! Serve as an ARANY Regional Director


To support ARANY’s statewide outreach and operations by ensuring that the membership in each ARANY region is being represented. Each Region shall be represented on the Board of Directors by a Regional Director, who shall serve as a liaison between the members in a specific Region and the association’s Leadership and Staff. Regional Directors will be appointed by the President.


ARANY divides New York State into 5 separate Regions, in which to serve members on a more local basis and provide for greater representation. These 5 Regions are Western New York, Central New York, Northern New York, Hudson Valley & Downstate. (We will soon have the Regional Map posted.)


  • Ensure that the membership in each region is being heard and their ideas, opinions and suggestions are presented to ARANY Leadership.
  • Recruit and retain ARANY membership within the Region.
  • Recommend and review ARANY activities and directions to improve the association and better represent the needs of the membership.
  • Advise ARANY Leadership of the challenges that might arise in each region and of possible solutions.

Regional Director Duties & Responsibilities:

Regional Directors are the eyes and ears of the ARANY in the field. They represent “grassroots” leadership for our association. They bring management ideas, suggestions and awareness of political and industrial problems, as well as opportunities, to the association’s leadership for review and action.

A Regional Director will:

  • Communicate and present updates at scheduled Board Meetings or conference calls, Summer Meeting & Annual Convention & Trade Show. Your presence at these events is important. However, if you are unable to attend, a written report may be submitted via the ARANY Office.
  • Organize in conjunction with the ARANY Office at least one meeting/event a year. Events can offer educational, networking and social opportunities.
  • Communicate with automotive recyclers in the Region in order to establish good rapport between these professionals and the association. Identify and recruit new members for the association.
  • Communicate with the ARANY Leadership & Staff periodically to compare ideas, share problems and opportunities. Regional Director conference calls will also be conducted throughout the year.
  • Conduct Member Outreach: Regional Directors will receive membership reports from the ARANY Office and be notified when a new member joins the association. All new members should receive a personal welcome from the Regional Director (letter, phone call or visit).
  • Gather information that is beneficial to the association and industry-at-large (such as personal business-related information on members, such as leadership positions of state/provincial/country and local associations; persons involved in local government positions such as city council, mayor, etc.; newspaper articles that pertain to our industry – both negative and positive; new product ideas; and anything affecting our industry as well as the general business climate.)


ARANY functions primarily as a service and advocacy organization. Only through the combined efforts of all of us can we gather the information from the field and channel it for proper use in informing and educating our membership. Regional Directors have a great responsibility and much of our success is dependent upon your active involvement.

The Regional Director is an integral part of ARANY’s growth and survival. ARANY Officers and Staff are willing and ready to assist you in your important role. Never hesitate to contact leadership when you need help.

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