Following the June 2021 Monthly Meeting for the Automotive Recyclers Association of New York, we had 2 Action Items that we were requesting of the Membership.  Please see below for links to these action items.


  1. ARNE Convention Sponsor Outreach
    1. Next Steps:
      1. Download and print ARANY SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (pdf)
      2. Include this PDF in all payables this month to increase awareness for 2021 ARNE Convention
  2. ARANY ByLaws Review and Revision
    1. Next Steps:
      1. Download and review ARANY BYLAWS (word document) 
      2. Make comments as necessary for revision
      3. Save the document with track changes as "ARANY ByLaws_Reviewedby - NAME - DATE"
      4. Update the Name & Date with YOUR name and the current date of the review
    2. BYLAWS LANGUAGE AS REVIEWED IN JULY 2020 (word document)

Any questions? Please contact Victoria Palasieski at the ARANY Office - [email protected] or 518-694-5359