A Wise Investment

Participation in the political process is incumbent upon all of us—if politics is truly to be the "people’s business.” That is why the ARANY Board of Directors established the New York Auto Recyclers Political Action Committee (NYARPAC). The NYARPAC invests in the people’s business—our business—by supporting elected officials who will support our industry.
NYARPAC does this through the solicitation of voluntary contributions from ARANY Members and other supporters of the automotive recycling industry.

The future of New York State Automotive Recycling companies—our yards—depends on participation in the deliberations of government, as well as the development and nurturing of good relationships with key decision makers in New York State Government. It is critical that these elected officials and leaders understand our problems, needs and concerns. NYARPAC reflects our common voice, our strength in numbers and allows our mutual needs to be positioned effectively.

Over the last two years, we have had success in raising our profile in Albany, passing the Counterfeit Airbag Bill and making New York State government agencies know that we have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.

We continue to push our legislative agenda in this new session…and need your help!  Support NYARPAC!

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